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miércoles, 9 de noviembre de 2011

TwitCon ROBSTEN! ^-^


Lo logré ver en vivo y lo amé! sobre todo cuando Kristen defendió a su hombre con garras.... osea "SUPER KRISTEN al rescate" *-*!

Tambien amé la indirecta de Rob sobre que cuando conoció a Kristen era una niña... (todos sabemos que con él, Kristen maduró en todo sentido ^---^

y bueno, en realidad todo me encantó!! y lo mejor fue que me elevé en una nube robsten que hasta ahorita es imposible de bajar... y me imagino que todas estamos igualitas, y muy impacientes porque sea ya 14 de noviembre y veamos la PREMIER en LA para seguir muriendo y delirando de amor ROBSTEN!

Besitos desde Argentina!

Las quiero

y regreso en diciembre!! *-----*!

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(5 de noviembre del 2011)

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via:  spunk_ransom

Funniest Memory on set. Bill answers "last scene with with the 3..."Jacob come back I made a mistake."

Working with Mackenzie Foy. What would you miss most now filming is over? Rob answers "I was already a man, these 2 were just children..." lol Fanboys for Rob. Greatest compliment from a fan? Tay answers.

What is your fave line in all the TwiBooks, Kristen answers "Basic vows..." between E/B. Contact lens question for Rob. For Bill, best part about directing the three.

For Kristen, wedding dress question. Shirtless question for Tay, coldest day to shoot. What was the last day on set like? Bill answers, dance at the reception.

For Bill, 'What was the unexpectedly easiest and hardest thing you faced while filming? Birth scene. For Kristen, easiest was the wedding, most difficult was the birth scene. For Tay, best advice his parents gave him. For Rob, "What was the most memorable doing the Saga"  Dance scene at the gazebo

For Kristen talks about being a vampire at last. Thoughts about seeing 'Breaking Dawn'. Rob and Tay answer. For Bill, how is BD different from his other movies.
Dream role question. Kristen "Snow White"

Addition process for Twilight. Bill and Kristen, met in New Orleans while she's doing 'On The Road'. Kristen tells of the audition with Catherine and finding Edward. Rob talks about doing different scenes with Kristen.. "lots of prancing" "What's wrong with prancing?" lmao

Kristen talks about her 'ole Bellar' character.

Message to fans. Taylor, Kristen, and Rob.

Fan videos

"My Boyfriend is English" Kristen reacts lol


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Caps by  RPLife
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